Rohit Saini

Software Engineer

Hey, I'm a final-year Computer Science student from the IISER Bhopal. I am freelancing for the last three years, along with my studies. I developed projects for several startups, including Web & Mobile apps, Chatbots, Specific Software's, Machine Learning Solution, Video Tutorials, etc. My main research interests are in the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I love to participate in Coding Competitions(mostly CodeChef), Hackathons, and other competitive events.

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My Skills

Progrmming Langugauge and Frameworks

Fluent: JavaScript, C++, Python, Node JS, React JS, MongoDB, Flutter

Proficient: Angular JS, Firebase, PHP, MySQL, React Native, Django, AWS Amplify

Machine Learning

Linear Regression, Image recognition using Principal Component analysis, CNN and ANN.


AWS, DevOps, Database Management, Solution Architect, UI/UX design

Professional Projects

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Google Forms Clone

Developed a clone of Google Forms with All basic and important features.

Tech used:

Source Code:

Node JS, React JS, MongoDB

Google Forms

  • Google authentication (Login with google) and authorization
  • Search and sort between from by name, date, last modified
  • User profile and settings
  • Different form types (Anyone with link, Anonymous, some perticular can answer etc.)
  • Can add unlimited questions and maximum 5 options to each question
  • Add image to questions and options (Upload images question and option wise)
  • Deleteting and duplicating the question
  • Drag and Drop questions to sort them accordingly
  • Answer or fill others form (submit response)

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Virtual Communities

Platform where users can create & join a community based on topic or course or thing and discuss(post/comment/chat) about it.

Tech used:

Source Code:

Node JS, React JS, MongoDB

Available on request

  • Email and Google authentication (Login with google) and authorization
  • Join or Create a Public or Priavte community based on any topic
  • Search a Public community and Join
  • Invite or Add Other users to community by their Email
  • Post a text/image/video/file to community
  • Users can comment and share it
  • Chat with other users
  • Personalized settings and User profile

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React Reviewr Library

Developed a React library for analysing Review with complete text analysis and probability of being a fake review

Tech used:


React JS, NPM Publish

React Review

  • Install and direct import the package in any React Application
  • Can add multiple fields for partial reviwes
  • Inbuild Rating Component (1-5 stars)
  • Probability of being a fake reviwe based on time taken, letter copied and other factors
  • Complete client side analysis

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Cycool: Cycle Sharing App

Designed and Developed a Full-stack Application for rental an availible cycles in your locality on paid basis

Tech used:

Source Code:

NodeJS, MySQL, jQuery


  • A full secured user Authetication system. Users can sign in using email and can login back to profile and dashboard.
  • Can Add their cycle for other to use. Can upload picture of cycle (that will store on cloudinary), Pickup location and Other details with time period in which cycle is available.
  • Users can book cycle with suitable pickup point and time. Can cahrge upto INR 30 per hour for using cycle.

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Malaria detection using Deep Learning

Used Convolution Neural Network to make a deep learning model with a big dataset of cell images using TF Keras

Tech used:


Python, Tensorflow, Pandas

Malaria CNN

  • Trained a Deep Learning model using Convolution Neural Network
  • Used Tensorflow Keras
  • Used WHO's Cell images Dataset (30000+ images)

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Static Websites

Designed and Developed static websites for NGOs, Science Labs, Gaming Competitions, College Fests, etc.

Skill Used:

JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

  • Conferance: ACES IISERB
  • Lab: Nurogenetics
  • Fest: Enhuzia'20 Enhuzia'18
  • Club: EECS Club
  • Gaming Fest: Armageddon 2018

Other projects

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Paper Chat Application

Paper Chat allows multiple users to securely chat with each other without any authentication and data leak.




React JS, Firebase

Available on request

  • Crate or Join a chat room based on room name
  • Privately chat with each other with optional Room Password
  • Multiple users can connect in Single chat room (Group chat)
  • User Online/Offline status
  • Completely secured and encrypted chat system

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Favorit: Hackathon Project

Android and Ios App for community favouring works that can be done by the community itself.



Flutter, NodeJS, MySQL


  • Google authentication (Login with google) and authorization
  • Users can create & accept a work based on their location and time
  • Earn Garuda coins(virtual currency) by completing the work and use them for getting your work done.
  • Sort work based on location, time, offered Garuda coins, etc.

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Telegram Chat Bot

Developed a chat bot for Telegram messenger which tells the user upcoming tasks and meetings.




NodeJS, Telegram API



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Dialogflow Chatbot Tutorials

Building Google Cloud’s DIalogflow chatbot tutorials on youtube using node js webhook server



Playlist Link:

Dialogflow, NodeJS, Ngrok


Dialogflow tutorials

  • Build a chatbot for portfolio website where users can ask basic questions and can schedule a meeting.
  • Complete beginner friendly, easy to understand Youtube video serie.

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E-cart System

Developed a portal for ordering beer online. You can add beers to your cart order them accordingly.




  • Getting beer's data from a fake API instead of hard-coded data.
  • Real time cart and price, count & discount calulations with UI.

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Social Media Web App

Build a Social media app with basic features (like, comment, add friend) using AngularJS.




  • Basic client side social media application
  • Users can create a post, like other's post, comment on it, share it, add friend, etc.



431-H7, IISERB, Bhopal, IN


(+91) 702 366 7966


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